Serving your highest and best for over 27 years as a professional healing artist.
I believe in you.
I am here to help you spark and support your healing and well-being of body, mind and spirit.

 KLG sitting on massage table


With my unique blend of sound and subtle energy healing, Reiki, bodywork/massage therapy, speaking and presentation skills, I provide the mind and body support you require to create day to day breakthroughs; accelerating you to your next level of healing and growth; assisting you in feeling your best, complementing your personal well-being practice and empowering how you live your life.

Instinctively and masterfully getting to the heart of the matter, my expertise is tuning in to you and expanding your body perception to help you move through issues of body, mind and spirit for personal healing, well-being and empowerment. My private Integrative SoundBody healing practice,  is located in Middleborough, MA.

BRAVO! Living offerings: outside-the-box healing change lessons, include Classes, Workshops, One-On-One Intensives and  both private and group Programs to teach, inspire, and add the dimension of refreshing and enlightening, healing play to your every day well-being and growth.


  • You are creative.
  • You are an expert.
  • You strive to be your best.
  • You are a highly discerning and sensitive individual.
  • You are an ‘outside of the box’ thinker.
  • You do not settle for less.
  • You take pride in your performance.
  • You deliver and expect high quality service.
  • You appreciate professionalism.
  • You are a giver.
  • You understand the high returns of regular self-investment.
  • You know you deserve the best.
  • You strive to live well.
  • You believe in you.



A Bit of Background

After graduating with a BA Cum Laude in Drama and French from Tufts University, I tapped into my theatre and drama training and education and my natural organizational skills to launch into a professional stage management career, landing ‘gigs’ in NYC and regionally. Ask anyone who embarks on a career in theatre, when starting out they usually need another job to help support themselves. I loved costuming; the meticulousness, the attention to detail, sewing on different fabrics…Every fabric, depending on its cut and content (cotton, silk, etc.,) ‘behaves’ and drapes in its own unique fashion.  You cannot simply push the fabric through the sewing machine; you must first learn its nature before manipulating it; respect it and ‘collaborate’ with it. I never could have guessed or foreseen how this skill would translate into the foundation for my future bodywork/massage practice.

Stage management led to wardrobe supervision, dressing and costuming work.  After achieving the landmark theatre career goals I had set for myself; to be ‘on the road’, with the national/international touring company of Camelot (personal dresser to Richard Harris) and on a Broadway production, La Cage aux Folles (wardrobe and dressing), I was flying high! Realizing that I was hungry for more creative expression in my work, my inner voice urged me to step up and try something new.

I moved to Massachusetts and subsequently decided to become a massage/bodywork therapist, becoming certified and licensed in 1990. I chose LISTENING HANDS as the name for my entrepreneurial venture, given my hands’ intuitive expertise in directly zooming in to the area of your body that needs attention. Ever seeking to expand the depth and breadth of my expertise, I received certificates in body/mind psychotherapy, cranio-sacral therapy, Reiki and healing sounds (to name a few) – expanding my range of expression, ability and proficiency in ‘touching’, enriching and bettering my clients’ lives.