SoundBody Healing

For those who wish to be fully present, feel great, and live in dynamic balance.

  • I believe you have the power to spark and support your own healing, and it is not about the wave of a magic wand. Through the integration of an array of healing therapies I provide creative healing solutions to help you live your best life.
  • I am expert at connecting you to your body’s voice as a way to help you move through issues of body, mind and spirit for personal healing and empowerment.
  • With my unique and creative blend of bodywork, massage therapy, sound and subtle energy healing and Reiki, I provide the mind and body support you require to expand your perception and create lasting breakthroughs.
    Accelerate to your next level of healing and growth; live in the “WOW”!


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When Katharine completed her therapy session I felt as though my body had been completely heard from head to toe.
“I have been a body worker for years and there is always apprehension when it comes to allowing others to enter my dance-space. In this case, an immediate level of comfort and compassionate listening are the norm. Katharine’s number one priority is to create a safe environment for skilled touch to be experienced while utilizing various skills and innate manual interactive talents. I will say that when Katharine completed her therapy session I felt as though my body had been completely heard from head to toe. I find her to be someone that enters your space with respect and a true heartfelt healing desire.
Massage therapy can be very mechanical, routine and mundane at times, especially to the practitioner. I can sense when the practitioner is going through the motions. Katharine’s healing sessions are far from the once a month, glass of wine, chair massage. They are similar to how one feels upon seeing a deeply moving film. You leave the theater knowing that you were stirred at a deeper level. This is how the body should be treated and how I need to be addressed to truly let someone into my sacred space…”

Ian L. Rubinstein, M.P.T., M.R.
Owner – Eclectic Physical Therapy


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