Being Heard

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What I am all about is empowering you to have your voice heard.  Why is it important to have your voice heard? What exactly do I mean by ‘being heard’?

For the past almost thirty years I have been a healing artist in the practice of bodywork massage therapy. Along the way, over the years, I integrated Reiki, (a subtle form energetic touch healing) and vibratory sound healing to the mix. My ‘way in’ to help my clients has been through the body.

While providing you the opportunity to feel safe and supported, I locate areas that are calling out to you to be noticed and addressed.  Emotions may be stirred up, memories may surface, but most of all you quiet down ‘inside’ and give yourself the opportunity to open up and become ‘vulnerable’ to receive your own innate guidance.

When I studied and experienced firsthand how adding sound exponentially boosted, deepened, heightened and sped up the process of healing, I was amazed along with my clients. To this day the process never ceases to amaze nor deliver powerful results.

What is happening is, in essence, in the outward expression and in the ‘reception of’ or ‘hearing’ (in this case by both you and me); a space is cleared and reset to receive; for healing, expansion and forward movement. Practically speaking, you may feel contracted and tight, physically and/or emotionally, until you allow the release of expression, of ‘hearing’ yourself, and even more powerfully, of being ‘heard’ by me or someone besides yourself.

In short it is life affirming to express (in whatever fashion) and to be ‘heard’ so you can grow, expand and clearly communicate who you are; giving yourself the opportunity to live ‘full out’; to touch, move and inspire others.
©2017 Katharine Gilpin




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